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@CNN I'd say if you are going to hear someone speak in a different language from you an airport has got to be high in the list #idiot
27th May, 2017 #idiot
Sorry Richo 👉 Clearly Innocent was sent @Leesracing after Greg took job to @AquisFarm #idiot
27th May, 2017 #idiot
Note to self don't bite your nails again! F ever in doubt remember this thumb pain #fml #idiot
27th May, 2017 #idiot
On Nov 9, 1950, 2days after Patel wrote the letter to Nehru, he announced in Delhi: ‘In KaliYuga, we shall return Ahimsa for Ahimsa' #Idiot
27th May, 2017 #Idiot
If curiosity is a companion of the future! Then learning should be of past #quotes #Philosophy #idiot #random
27th May, 2017 #idiot
@williamlegate He will also get rid of the thousands of jobs those "evil" Germans create through the car industry i…
27th May, 2017