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"Medications are not dealing with the underlying drivers of the condition" @drchatterjeeuk @IHS_Ireland @fxmedhttps://t.co/Bbkvxs1AVa
17th June, 2017
"We need to get the foundations right - diet, sleep, stress & exercise" @drchatterjeeuk @IHS_Ireland #nutriton #IIHS https://t.co/3VL6C4Atxj
17th June, 2017 #IIHS
At @IHS_Ireland Integrative Healthcare Conference watching @drchatterjeeuk speak about Lifestyle & Dementia. Fascin… https://t.co/OdAeGksAYv
17th June, 2017
I am glad to see that the #IIHS is looking to keep people #safe when sharing the road with #trucks - Read more here: https://t.co/Jh7YyESS5Y
15th June, 2017 #IIHS, #trucks