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@ikesplace two sandwiches in two days been awesome for my recovery, after 4x8 squats my legs won't heal themselves! Also great GF bread #ike
19th March, 2017 #ike
Congrats @mike_Iaconelli on the Summit Cup. It was like Rocky taking down Drago! #ike
18th March, 2017 #ike
It's all facebook's fault I got nostalgic, it showed me that 'old memories' stuff with Soren's photos XD #sorenhttps://t.co/UTYu0JonDa
18th March, 2017
Now Playing Ike & Tina Turner - Game Of Love #ike&tinaturner https://t.co/LKfMXZY31u
18th March, 2017 #ike