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@OaklawnRacing Pick4 Analysis R7) #9 #Mitole, 1st of 2 notebook plays. His 109.3 two races back rank among the best… https://t.co/GSweT6nbS6
17th March, 2018
Yeah! What #ike said💥. ⏱⏲⏰⌚️🕰⌛️⏳ https://t.co/oW5mmlHSs6
14th March, 2018 #ike
So today we walk out but not to go home but to walk out of class and and talk about the gun violence to give 17 se… https://t.co/Oj6C4YOWRu
14th March, 2018
It’s my founder’s birthday ☺️ Happy Birthday to Wava Banes Turner Henry, baddest founder of them all 😅 RIP to her 💙… https://t.co/PXVFPV0sly
14th March, 2018