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In my dream I saw a dream in which I could physically feel what I saw in dream n woke up to ask others if it's a dream #TrueStory #Inception
5th November, 2017 #Inception
I had no faith until July.I never knew love til December. And now that she has forgotten about me. She’s all I can…
5th November, 2017
#121 of 2017: #Inception - Made about as much sense as the first time I saw it. Still enjoyed it but not sure I get the intricacies.
5th November, 2017 #Inception
@hapsize One of the nice things about #inception v3 is that it is much more computationally efficient than other CNNs including Alexnet.
5th November, 2017 #inception
#Inception #Denmark From the Kootenai to the Capitol, a Christmas Tree's Journey BeginsFlathead BeaconFlana..…
5th November, 2017 #Inception, #Denmark