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You need the simplest version of the idea in order for it to naturally grow in the subject's mind. - #Inception
19th October, 2019 #Inception
Also, the #peoplesmarch .... Listen 2 years ago when we voted I was pro #remain and prob still would be, but you h…
19th October, 2019
Much love to @gandamediauk for my fabulous A board - thanks for the quick turnaround guys ❤️#SailorJennys
19th October, 2019
@twoguysoneplot holy fudge winkles I’m 10 minutes into #alphabetstream and gavs totally changed the way I look at #inception 😮🤯
19th October, 2019 #inception
In Nolan’s works, is time travel mere dream within a dream? Inception through to Tenet? #ChristopherNolan
19th October, 2019
@CaringErin Happens to me often. I have Narcolepsy. That happens in my sleep sometimes, so I end falling asleep in…
19th October, 2019