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@LivPsy I’ve recently developed this ability. It’s been a long time coming. #InnerPeace #incontrol
25th May, 2018 #incontrol
Well he’s locked away for 11 days while on a business trip so he can’t get up to mischief! #chastity #lockedup
25th May, 2018
@david__belle If you knew there was going to be a slow motion multiple vehicle car crash at a given time outside yo…
25th May, 2018
I’ve had an epic Thursday. For many reasons. Still 4 hours to go. I pray to god it extends to the weekend. #incontrol #onwardsandupwards
24th May, 2018 #incontrol
I am loving a zero summer salad for lunch today thanks to Flex - just counting the light mayonnaise with the prawns…
24th May, 2018 Had a databreach, has competion from wenshops and shows that even through these setbacks th…
24th May, 2018