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Th narcissists in my life never go away. That's ok. I'm an expert at this. Fuck my life. No actually fuck them. #imokaydontask #incontrol
23rd November, 2017 #incontrol
Life can be a bitch, but knowing how to tame her can keep it all together! #incontrol
22nd November, 2017 #incontrol
New blog post! Battle the Sunday blues with me (and my cat) #lifestyle #wellness #incontrol&caffeinated
21st November, 2017 #incontrol
My good luck message this evening goes to @Barnabites as Hillary is hosting @EalingHour Let the fun and games begin…
21st November, 2017
‘But she’s doing better than me’ ‘But I didn’t lose 7lbs this week’ Don’t do it! You are unique and special and fol…
21st November, 2017
Our branches are closed Thanksgiving Day, access & manage your accounts online. #incontrol
21st November, 2017 #incontrol