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@Team_Penske @keselowski @MISpeedway Seeing stock cars lumbering around Michigan makes it a crying shame #IndyCars
17th June, 2017
When will people stop listening to Eddie Gossage and acknowledge that Texas is not suited to #Indycars? #dangerous
14th June, 2017
These dudes are going 220mph and they are inches apart. CRAZY! #Indycars
11th June, 2017
#IndyCars aren't supposed to be bent up like this. Hard hit in turn 4 wall and comes to a rest beyond the tri-oval.…
11th June, 2017
Gnite twitter twatters - I've held out as long as I could. I'll fight it off for the #IndyCars race start in Big Texas but after I'm done...
11th June, 2017
@tannerjwatkins Have a good one bud - #IndyCars ready to rumble in Texas tonight! 👍 🏁
10th June, 2017