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I made it to Level 121. (Chapter 31). Hero Magnus is open .. 😃😃 @castlecreepstd #castlecreepstd #gameandroid
12th April, 2018
Freedom isn’t free. Neither is college. Lol. You pay one way or the other. #Army #Infantry
12th April, 2018 #Infantry
Leaders are not appointed like managers and supervisors. Leaders are cultivated from first being outstanding follow…
11th April, 2018
23 June 1917: Austro-Hungarian soldiers of the mainly Czech and German K.u.K Infantry Regiment No.8 man an observat…
11th April, 2018
Sergeant Bluff Luton students getting some time in the obstacle course today! #IowaNationalGuard #ServiceOfChoice
11th April, 2018