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On this day in 1999, Dale Earnhardt scored his 9th career IROC Series win at @TalladegaSuperS #IROC
24th April, 2017 #IROC
On this day in 2001, @Bobby_Labonte scored his 2nd career IROC Series win at @TalladegaSuperS #IROC
22nd April, 2017 #IROC
One down , 3 to go. Probably the first #iroc with style of halo…
21st April, 2017 #iroc
.@FoliarPak I'm surprised @EnPCurt hasn't voted for "The Love in Your Eyes." Pretty sure he was playing that in hi…
20th April, 2017
@CP24 Hmm the #iroc Highway cars were a fail. Just go back to the old school yellow ones. Or better yet put neon on them lime in Europe.
20th April, 2017 #iroc
@markmartin I have been a @markmartin fan from day 1, and he will always be thought of as a champion in my eyes! #6 #60 #IROC
19th April, 2017 #IROC