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Fuck you #jack and twitter for shadowbanning my Omarosa meme and tweet again! You leftist assholes!
13th August, 2018 #jack
I hadn't had a drink for over a week,doing well,but when my neighbour is drinking gin with deorilite mixer you have… https://t.co/GEak1hpQiL
13th August, 2018
@BigShow62 @morropga Who was tiger up against Ernie Phil Davis will you stop how many majors has Trevino , Watson , player #jack
12th August, 2018 #jack
New reality show: "Single Furry and GGGGGAAAAAAAYYY" #Jack
12th August, 2018 #Jack
@Arsenal @UnaiEmery_ You can whatever you want, but in what I believe.... We shouldn't have let #Jack go. He's a be… https://t.co/G7WXNpFhAj
12th August, 2018 #Jack