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I use to love him, BUT this past year I can not stand him, emotional abuse is not fun!! #jaime kilstein https://t.co/QwdO5Q9Rd9
19th May, 2018 #jaime
Looking at you, @repgregwalden. Counting down days until #ORD2 votes you out and #Jaime takes your seat, you snivel… https://t.co/6jJDmqk1kF
18th May, 2018 #Jaime
@fred_guttenberg is my favorite activist. I am certain I would shatter into a million pieces if faced with his loss… https://t.co/PSjcZs7uAt
18th May, 2018
Jaime: must you attack me with words? Brienne: should I use… https://t.co/qtfdidkLP1
18th May, 2018
our own Harvey Dent/Two Faced aka Jaime... the serial kisser, the boy who loves to hug, manipulation specialist & h… https://t.co/vOea5IB026
17th May, 2018