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I Plan to drive to Niagara Falls & Canada in a $1k 22 y/o Vw Jetta & show ppl you don't need that money to travel. Could write for #Jalopnik
27th March, 2017 #Jalopnik
These guys who want a Paul Walker statue are the hope this world needs https://t.co/CQOXYjQmfN by #Jalopnik via… https://t.co/Qg5iudJD1V
26th March, 2017 #Jalopnik
Ever wonder why your turn signal makes a clicking noise? We found the reason: https://t.co/2r3PeG7uQo #signal #jalopnik #weirdfacts
25th March, 2017 #jalopnik
Cheap used cars are hard to find because so few new cars sold during the recession: https://t.co/uap8ZfjdIw by… https://t.co/zp3nsqY1o5
24th March, 2017
F1 driver who never won a championship thinks women can't compete due to "mothering... https://t.co/Xg9XC39tfU by… https://t.co/QXVzfNvIgN
23rd March, 2017
I know I'm not the only one who does this, right? I know my wife does, too. https://t.co/K5WnfNbJIb #jalopnik
22nd March, 2017 #jalopnik
Edd China is leaving Wheeler Dealers because Velocity wants to make it worse https://t.co/neaGrBLYoT by #Jalopnik v… https://t.co/480UBcWR1x
22nd March, 2017 #Jalopnik