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I like my men the way I like my martinis - stirred, not shaken. #JamesBond
22nd April, 2019 #JamesBond
Bond 25 Fan Art! I haven't had much time to do fan art but I managed to do a quick teaser. #Bond25 #JamesBond https://t.co/fMVbZOMcLC
22nd April, 2019 #JamesBond
is it just me or could richard madden be the next james bond after daniel craig? @_richardmadden @007https://t.co/HDwo3Arc3g
22nd April, 2019
Sadly, the #Easter weekend comes to an end. However, with those hushed murmurs of #Bond25 news coming this week, it… https://t.co/6Kr0ao8YMd
22nd April, 2019 #Easter