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Not only were all 13 James Bond novels written in #Jamaica, but author Ian Fleming called Jamaica his home. Picture… https://t.co/2ox64lHP5d
16th October, 2019
Dressed like a cross between George Lazenby-era #JamesBond & Roger Moore's Simon Templar (aka #The Saint), the one… https://t.co/UozVzLnilM
16th October, 2019 #JamesBond
Did you know that more people in the US saw Thunderball than any other James Bond film? Over 50 years ago! Check i… https://t.co/ra0dBbRGXa
16th October, 2019
A very creative and cool drawing of Dolly and Jaws! And would you look at that? The person drawing this remembered… https://t.co/crm2yF8V0r
16th October, 2019