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@GanassiChip why did mcmurray not go to a backup car instead of wasting the practice sessions working on this pile? #jamiemcmurray
19th February, 2018 #jamiemcmurray
Wasted all that practice time fixing car instead of going to a backup car. I don't believe for one second he dropp… https://t.co/HVCCAe52S0
18th February, 2018
Let's go Jamie Mac!! These shows aren't showing you respect but your fans love you! Bring that victory home!!… https://t.co/E3oQJ3xwHv
18th February, 2018
Really don't like #JamieMcmurray... Your a dumb ass race car driver. Lets go Brad Keselowski... The hell with the want to be yous...lol
16th February, 2018 #JamieMcmurray