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She rose to fame in the late 1960s and was known for her powerful, blues-inspired vocals https://t.co/lDgM0iIXdZ #Janis Joplin
22nd January, 2017 #Janis
@WinksThinks you think we might see more jet sweeps tomorrow to combat the speed rush of the falcons? #Janis
22nd January, 2017 #Janis
@2Hats1Mike @dan_back they wouldn't play if it were regular season. Wouldn't expect much but diversions from them. #JANIS
21st January, 2017 #JANIS
Do not compromise yourself. You are all you have got. #Janis Joplin https://t.co/4Y4CMaelZE
21st January, 2017 #Janis
“Janis socked her bluesy voice into the soul of everyone who listened to her.” - Flip, 1968. #JanisJoplin #Blueshttps://t.co/scCqAwxABZ
20th January, 2017 #JanisJoplin