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@nancygilesnyc We need a Women's March in support of all victims of sexual abuse. #January20/2018
17th November, 2017 #January20
finally fulfilling my dream of experiencing @boniver magic in person #january20 ❤️
15th November, 2017 #january20
@skulesa9527 @TrueFactsStated Call! Don't let them lie to you! I got attitude today when I called my Rep's recepti… https://t.co/1MIH6XdrJx
14th November, 2017
@NMaverick couldn't wait and gave me my birthday gift a night early: @KevinHart4real here we come!!! #January20https://t.co/8R0OJWbUGM
14th November, 2017 #January20