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Ok so what am I going to watch now I've finished 2 seasons of Good Morning Call on @NetflixUK ? I've seen Erased to… https://t.co/wkkOQqrPtv
23rd April, 2018
@FujiTVLive #FUJTIV has fixed Channel 14, Channel 15 and Channer 86! Please check! Please feedback to support@fujithttps://t.co/WUNiCCFDwr
23rd April, 2018
I would have loved Super Sentai as a Kid. I feel nostalgic watching Sentai despite never seeing it as a Kid.… https://t.co/v9pSQXDCZs
22nd April, 2018
Hands up if you'd like #WorldCup tickets! 🙌🎟️ The Russia 2018 last-minute sales phase opens in 2⃣ hours - at noon… https://t.co/gZnocDaYXi
18th April, 2018 #WorldCup