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Watching #jasonbourne on @SkyCinemaUK last night.Question:when JB chasing the 'asset' in a car why do his airbags not go off FFS! Anyone....
25th July, 2017 #jasonbourne
Look, I can't run with you. I can't , We run, I gotta live like this. I don't even know who I'm hiding from. #JasonBourne @bestfilmquotes
25th July, 2017 #JasonBourne
Marko is binging on #Ballers #Power etc. But we did a mile walk after dinner & I told him the details. Minus #JasonBourne 😳🤗🤣
25th July, 2017 #JasonBourne
Look, you're acting like I'm trying to burn you here. I'm just trying to do the right thing. #JasonBourne @bestfilmquotes
25th July, 2017 #JasonBourne