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Jet Li's The One has a 5.9 on imdb? You guys are out of your minds. 😑 regram @laurentvianney The One (2001) >>> 4/1… https://t.co/ff6RayfQF8
19th March, 2018
The alpha men of this world, timeless and invincible πŸ’ͺ @TheSlyStallone @JCVD @Schwarzenegger @Dolph_Lundgren… https://t.co/caTTu2qaWU
18th March, 2018
Only 5 months to go for #SteveAlten β€˜s #Meg starring #JasonStatham & still we have no trailer. Not even a single sm… https://t.co/u5Lf30NySE
18th March, 2018 #JasonStatham