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Remember her teaching @houseofcubs to roll down the hill? I love @MommyMei98 even if she is #Jaws at times https://t.co/FUfjz0h5VV
11th December, 2017 #Jaws
14 days until......How goes the prep around your house, or are you travelling for Christmas this year?? -Scott (Tom… https://t.co/XGcA0yIiUf
11th December, 2017
CHRISSIE WATKINS takes out my latest #JAWS poll! Stay tuned to @thedailyjaws for the reason as to why this poll was… https://t.co/xFPPxqeeEn
11th December, 2017 #JAWS
The footage is scary as hell but I think climbing out of the water knowing he was somewhere down there watching me… https://t.co/q7tIawCGAv
11th December, 2017
@PolhomeEditor Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. #jaws
11th December, 2017 #jaws
@LaurenTHCW After awhile, #jurassicpark devolved the way horror films and #jaws did: forget the humans, people just came for the dinos!
11th December, 2017 #jaws