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@JamiroquaiHQ Hello! Could you please let Mr #JayKay know that only God knows why He do what He do! Cause if I had… https://t.co/DPchRjhrc2
21st March, 2018 #JayKay
Are we all just going to ignore that the @Google home commercial is a total ripoff of @JamiroquaiHQ virtual insanity video?!? #JayKay
17th March, 2018 #JayKay
Thank you to @officialmix96 for having me on placement. It’s been so much fun. The news hounds @chris_maskery… https://t.co/xGzrgT7YM8
16th March, 2018
Do you ever just feel like turning up some music and pretending you can dance , just to avoid responsibilities ? ..… https://t.co/u8cdoABDTF
14th March, 2018
Just further proof that he is the man his supporter claim he is: a good businessman, strong leader and straight-sho… https://t.co/7BoJthww8m
13th March, 2018
@BTS_twt Thanks for being my youth 🌸🌵 Love u #JayKay #JK Forever..ever Good night 💚 https://t.co/mB4qdJGASl
13th March, 2018 #JayKay