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Check out this video from Canadian Comedian aka James! - Sex with the GPS Lady. #comedy #laughfactory #comedystorehttps://t.co/SuEKgzTnkL
21st April, 2019
@CNBC @jayleno @CNBCMakeIt ( ・᷄ㅂ・᷅ “Jay Leno” kept the Tonight Show ban on Joan Rivers appearing, started by Johnny… https://t.co/WkVTZEbHzY
21st April, 2019
The food pic isn't important, but #jayleno eating just 10 feet from me is. But I don't like to disturb people while… https://t.co/v0zJGk4AUM
20th April, 2019 #jayleno
Jay Leno’s Garage is now streaming but a word of warning: there’s some serious car porn going on… https://t.co/41vDmq708m
20th April, 2019
New video is up. Finally in a spot where we can probably have one up once a week at least. https://t.co/cfpzIPtsrHhttps://t.co/gh7vgEBHAK
19th April, 2019