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Go ahead & set those DVRs bc you are not going to want to miss this #TMGenius making positive waves. A positive lea… https://t.co/YQjw5Uqk6Q
25th November, 2017
If you r home tomorrow morning, watch our Gracie on Fox19 News at 8:50 talking about JDRF and Diabetes Awareness. So proud! #tmgenius #jdrf
25th November, 2017 #jdrf
Join me and cycle from London to Paris for JDRF 2018 in July, 2018! #type1diabetes #JDRF #T1D #type1 https://t.co/SY3mK2YWUG
24th November, 2017 #JDRF, #type1
@DiLebouthillier @SoniaLiberal I have been asking this same question for the past 2 months and get no reply, don’t… https://t.co/WujB5iuT2M
24th November, 2017
⭐️ The head office team on site supporting the annual JDRF - One Walk Charity event to help fight Type 1 Diabetes.… https://t.co/XboiOi3JKx
24th November, 2017
WE DID IT!!!!! GO TEAM OCTANE NINJAS. Thank You to everyone who donated we really appreciate your efforts.… https://t.co/cPKyQmx9tX
24th November, 2017