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@DavidCornDC Yep. Just like @JebBush . Not a fan of #Jeb but what I'd give to have him in White House instead of the orange buffoon.
17th March, 2017
#Music News #Jeb Loy Nichols Introduces "That's How We're Living" Via: Artist Direct
17th March, 2017
Today @JebBush dropped his credit cards in the airport and my mom picked them up for him. #Jeb!
17th March, 2017
#JEB! just popped up as someone to follow and my first thought was "I wonder if he still uses this account" @JebBush
17th March, 2017
y'all don't even realize how serious I am when i say that jeb bush MUST be incorporated into my 21st bday sign #Jeb! #myboi
17th March, 2017 Considering all #trump did was bash #Jeb!'s brother, he has a whole lot of 44's #losers in cabinet. #MoreOfTheSame
16th March, 2017 #trump
Here's one you'll definitely love since the last tweet left you all confused & off-balance @Riselvato #Jeb
16th March, 2017