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Then there was the trials and tribulations of installing an EGR kit (part 2) on my 2006 #jeepliberty #crd
1st January, 2018 #jeepliberty
Lot's of new content up on my #youtube channel in the past 24hrs. First, the trials and tribulations of installing…
1st January, 2018 #youtube
Because I slacked off for so long (last video was Oct 29) I have two videos for you on this last day of 2017!…
1st January, 2018
35mph... the point where it’s too slow for 3rd gear but too fast for 4th. Who drives 35 in a 35? #DrivingIssues
31st December, 2017
Jeep fans, get this 2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7L engine for $2,200! Learn more: - - #Jeep
29th December, 2017 #Jeep