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This whole #JamesCharles, #Tati, #Jeffery drama is a mess But an entertaining mess and I’m here for it sksksk 💀
19th May, 2019
#Jeffery.. If ya want to see me so bad, send a tank of #diesel. It only took you a DECADE to express your desire t…
17th May, 2019 #diesel
#Jeffery Deaver has a new hero. Time to meet Colter Shaw in The Never Game by @JefferyDeaver Available now in #RNIB
16th May, 2019
We all need to appreciate thugga before it’s too late. #JEFFERY ❤️
16th May, 2019
play your cards dont play yourself #jeffery
15th May, 2019
Thug was dropping jewels this morning @youngthug 🙏🏽 GOD BLESS #Jeffery 🙌🏾🙌🏾
14th May, 2019