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Check out Turntable For Vinyl Record Player 3 Speed with Stereo Speakers JTA325 #Jensen via @eBay
13th December, 2017 #Jensen
I was in a auto repairshop today. They had Jags, Rolls and also a Jensen Intercepter. #whataday #makesyousmile
13th December, 2017
Sounds like there's a 2nd accident while trying to slow down for the first one. The #Jensen Bridge is very slippery.
12th December, 2017 #Jensen
My #J2sDay is made beautiful by these 2. They are such a blessing. Thank you ladies for sharing them with us! XO😙…
12th December, 2017
"Look into my eyes, convince me you ain't lying" 🎸#jensen #lss
12th December, 2017 #jensen