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Memorizing the Wealthiest Celebrities of 2017: A fun mental exercise to boost your brain power! @Oprah
24th May, 2018
I've got 3 metering chubs walloped in my cheeky 'bald-headed yoghurt slinger'! Damn you #JerrySeinfeld
24th May, 2018 #JerrySeinfeld
Could Jerry Seinfeld Reboot ‘Seinfeld’? (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!)
21st May, 2018
Larry was not behind Seinfeld, or the “master mind” behind it, get real. #JerrySeinfeld
21st May, 2018 #JerrySeinfeld
This is what the holidays are all about, three friends sitting around chewing gum. #CosmoKramer #JerrySeinfeld
21st May, 2018 #JerrySeinfeld