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@KyleBusch Hell of a race last night! Pumped to watch you in Charlotte in September on my annual trip down from VA!… https://t.co/V5I7X5CU4H
20th August, 2018
@KyleBusch Was on the edge of my seat watching you come to the front! Best drive of the race! Was disappointed (and… https://t.co/UiofXS0NXl
20th August, 2018
I love short track racing, I love Bristol, I love @KyleBusch and his passion for racing, I love his interviews, det… https://t.co/wWSg4uzzRT
19th August, 2018
#JGR paper: "Sources and Secondary Production of Organic Aerosols in the Northeastern United States during WINTER"… https://t.co/bKkIHeUa3m
17th August, 2018 #JGR
#happyclient is one of my favorite things! Call for a free consultation, I would love to assist you too!!… https://t.co/NucE4fZO5T
17th August, 2018
@CRtwotwo Get on Hill's JGR bike and race last 2 rounds. #JGR #Jbone
17th August, 2018 #JGR
GREAT OPPORTUNITY on north side of town! Close to trains and transportation. Tuk Tuk to shopping, restaurants in… https://t.co/QPBziIr58L
14th August, 2018