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Mini banana and chocolate chip muffins using #jiffy baking mix :) https://t.co/LHkBWrOfWN
18th October, 2016
Not only is it great seeing Brady back, but it's also great to see #jiffy back😎 https://t.co/lrX7Tx7nHa
17th October, 2016
Check out #Dalmatian Counted #CrossStitch Kit #dog Indelible Spots bath time Jiffy Sunset #Jiffy https://t.co/VXQEB6yD1j via @eBay
16th October, 2016
In their 8th four star outing, this pair have just landed their best result yet. What a year it has been for them.… https://t.co/xfOlFe67a4
16th October, 2016
Next up on course is @TeamIRLEq rider @CamillaSpeirs and #Jiffy. An incredible EIGTH four star appearance for this popular pair. #Pau
15th October, 2016