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.@realDonaldTrump to the CEOs: "No, you're not dumping me, I'm dumping you! Infinity I win!" #jilted https://t.co/jzl8wjcea4
16th August, 2017 #jilted
So if he was ripping us off on Drug Prices why was he making American policy on the Council in the first place??… https://t.co/qTdWGesK9S
14th August, 2017
#jilted worst time of my life. NO name change availiable for pre booked "hneymoon" TNKS for making this harder 4me! @ThomsonHolidays @Delta
13th August, 2017 #jilted
Hi @Garmin , i was wondering if i can join the family as @suunto no longer cares for me and all the money/time i sp… https://t.co/fUwU9QcQNU
10th August, 2017