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MOZART #LaFintaGiardiniera Great STORYTELLING... Great CHARACTERS... Some love affairs are doomed from the start.… https://t.co/CsWEuikEoZ
19th January, 2018
@snowglen @Rivermansky63 School is just brainwashing. Being made to learn what they want YOU to know. #conditioninghttps://t.co/obQr1uqoIw
15th January, 2018
@rapplerdotcom Mga HIBANG at ULOL @RapplerTeam di kayo mga qualified journalists, you're just bunch of #CORPORATEhttps://t.co/xRfDf2vKHV
15th January, 2018
A lesbian, I am not one, and have always supported the movement even. People clearly got the wrong idea the entire… https://t.co/lSVPL9RuM7
14th January, 2018