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What do u do to get over a terrible heartbreak. Please i need answers thanks #heartbreaks #jilted
16th February, 2019 #jilted
Jilted on Valentine's day! Unifi Live chat left me hanging. Got the message after an hour :( @helpmeunifi #Unifihttps://t.co/bBNgKhYZT3
14th February, 2019
@GrittyNHL you were very unkind tonight after I offered you a Valentine cookie at the Corona Extra Beach House! #jilted
12th February, 2019 #jilted
I just did a double take. I wasn’t sure if this was Glenn Close or Angela Ahrendts from Apple? Still with her recen… https://t.co/odwtuwZKIo
10th February, 2019
@ESPNChiCubs I thought I was going on yesterday, too. Good luck. #jilted
10th February, 2019 #jilted