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Now playing on Wavelength Radio ►: Jilted John by #Jilted John Classic & New #Music ♫ Listen to us click https://t.co/ywwexFVwhs
30th September, 2016 #Jilted
United fans a bit small in their mentality WRT Pep but we saw it with Bavarians and even some 'culés' #Jilted https://t.co/qRZUr8QjWH
28th September, 2016 #Jilted
@Maggie_Klaus @daveweigel I think that's exactly what happened. Poor Maureen. Stuck in that state of mind all this time. #Jilted
25th September, 2016 #Jilted
I would love this. I have been looking into getting some @Razer gear but ended up with some terrible Customer Servi… https://t.co/5f3yggZDRm
24th September, 2016
@thisisneil @appleinsider How much faster is it than my “Series 0” or “beta Series?” #jilted
21st September, 2016 #jilted