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.@JustinTrudeau .@cafreeland 😟 #jilted #cdnpoli "There is no greater supporter of [Israel] than President Donald Trump." ~ .@netanyahu
19th February, 2017 #jilted
@DrunkWolfArt u aint told me nothin bra you said where u gonna be monday and i didnt get back to u quick enough #jilted
19th February, 2017 #jilted
@SarahKSilverman @chelseahandler Media is simply butthurt they are no longer the blushing mistress of the POTUS. #Jilted
19th February, 2017 #Jilted
(Mail Online):#Jilted boyfriend flushed ex-lover's hamster down toilet : Sydney Fraser,.. https://t.co/dfpM9sLDZv
16th February, 2017 #Jilted