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Yeah you know #JimRatcliffe the richest *unt in Britain? well guess what the parasite vermin is polluting… https://t.co/YSTq72QYEE
21st May, 2018 #JimRatcliffe
'Jim Ratcliffe is now the richest man in Britain'. Theresa May said she 'wants to create an economy that works for… https://t.co/WqHBdfHeSk
16th May, 2018
@frackfreemps @BBC Breaking news: #jimratcliffe and various other callous billionaires "literally Gave Birth to Themselves".
16th May, 2018 #jimratcliffe
News that this year's @TheSundayTimes Rich List is topped by #fracking mogul #JimRatcliffe may have come as a surpr… https://t.co/jgXss6VpsU
15th May, 2018 #JimRatcliffe
And probably never wasted a breath talking about what the state owes him! Congratulations #JimRatcliffe https://t.co/YnRz8cqeEK
15th May, 2018 #JimRatcliffe
Typical UK. Let's slag off a man who has made good. The fact that most of us lack the intelligence wit and drive t… https://t.co/rfPnn4rQ8a
15th May, 2018