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Who would like to be the lucky owner of Jaguar Coventry's Car of The Week? #StarttheyearwithanewJaguarhttps://t.co/xPHSDQok2S
18th January, 2018
@3_trippysticks dassss a fact bloooda 🤞🏽🛩 #JLR
17th January, 2018 #JLR
fuck you take me for? one of them sucka niggas who forget the set when he blow? never that #JLR
17th January, 2018 #JLR
Spitta slander is never tolerated #JLR
17th January, 2018 #JLR
Keep grinding @CurrenSy_Spitta. You one of the most hardest working rappers breh. Been consistent and always droppe… https://t.co/0l3qMP0B2m
17th January, 2018