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@DRUDGE_REPORT #wayofthewarriorkid would render this campaign inert. I love the FLOTUS, but just saying. #jocko
8th May, 2018 #jocko
I would love to see @sleepdiplomat (from @joerogan Experience #1109) on @jockowillink's podcast. I believe a fantas…
6th May, 2018
Having a ride to #Fleetwood to my mate #Jocko at @fleetwoodbeach He’s expanding the empire today. 🍦☕️
5th May, 2018 #Jocko
Been watching some Jocko Willink on YouTube recently. Great podcasts. Extremely motivating, amazing stories, spiced…
3rd May, 2018
Had @allymccollum13 and some more of our 2020 girls join 2021 PG @bngreen05 this morning for the before school work…
2nd May, 2018