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Dis shit was poppin round tax time ni niggas broke dey can't break em #jody
27th May, 2017 #jody
I need someone who can snatch my soul just like I snatch his I can't stand a one sided relationship gtf from round me with that ish #JODY
27th May, 2017 #JODY
If u outta high school an don't get yo own money you ain't shit but a bum #jody
26th May, 2017 #jody
Dey brag about LeBron passing Jordan in career playoff points but guy done played 32 more games than Jordan to do it #jody
26th May, 2017 #jody
Damn all these memorial day sales I gotta cop sumin #jody
26th May, 2017 #jody
#jody Fabulous Jody Watley in Chicago saying bye bye.
26th May, 2017 #jody