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@politico Remeber when #Delaware won millions of $$ bc of its excellence in school? I'm sure that had nothing to do…
21st May, 2018 #Delaware
He's also the IDIOT who introduced the Gun Free Zone Act of 1990. How many school shootings occurred before 1990 &…
21st May, 2018
Is Joe Biden right? Is a Universal Basic Income "giving up on people"? I say no.
21st May, 2018
Why I love, admire and appreciate this Gentlemen so much! Thank you @JoeBiden !! #JoeBiden
21st May, 2018 #JoeBiden
#NewBluehand #Bluehand On my way to Langley, VA to swear in a true American patriot – Gina Haspel – as the first fe…
21st May, 2018