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New blog post. Finally...don't ever give up. Fortitude & diligence. #joelleoj #JOËL #justobviouslyenjoyinglife
20th March, 2017
@DwightC87 Hate this ole buddy! Not fun getting old. Not seen u since Eastway Jr High. Prayers headed your way. #Joel Cook
20th March, 2017 #Joel
Joel was so tired this morning he went back to bed! Hope he sleeps tonite.. night night #Joel Caddie
19th March, 2017 #Joel
#joel olsteen If you don't get rid of the wrong friends. You will never meet the right friends.
19th March, 2017 #joel
You will not get to your next stop without being the best at where you are now. Don't let your routine become stagnant -be faithful. #Joel
19th March, 2017 #Joel