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@CBSSunday y’all didn’t mention @BillClinton #JohnEdwards in your #infertility report but you probably know that!
18th February, 2018
Interesting considering how eagerly they broke the dirt on slimy #johnedwards' baby mama back in 2004
16th February, 2018
@CNBC Jumping on the hand grenade. Nice try. This is a federal and state crime. #JohnEdwards @SenateFloor
14th February, 2018
@maggieNYT Double Scoop LLC > Lies and conspiracy to fraud. Prostitution and a side of a steamy pile of Adultery.…
14th February, 2018
@JTMann05 Infidelity and Sexual Harassment to multiple women is certainly no secret to the Dems.... #BillClinton
14th February, 2018 #BillClinton
@kylegriffin1 Once again, to anyone who believes this I have a bridge to sell you. #JohnEdwards
14th February, 2018