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Good bye to restaurants, can't afford to eat anymore post #July1 18% tax on hotels 2500*18/100=Naamam 👟👟👟👟👟👟
24th May, 2017 #July1
One more month till I'm surrounded by new friends, and we'll all be looking up to our favorite rapper @russdiemonhttps://t.co/Po59OKX1F9
24th May, 2017
Preemption didn't pass. @cadrescheduling is releasing the only tech to automate compliance with the #TwinCitieshttps://t.co/jQhlsxhiFd
23rd May, 2017
After pro#CCP group gets VicPark football pitches, CHRF awaits #HK govt response to revised app for #July1 march https://t.co/sySDZtLnBo
23rd May, 2017 #July1