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@DanaBashCNN has to know that d #HolySpirit speaks a different language that human wisdom or intellect per ts… https://t.co/bYzaksPrOn
13th January, 2018
@AumaObama NEVER dated nor met but my @BrookeBCNN❤️has been posting this other man whom she said was her boyfriend… https://t.co/QWrrQ5iTzQ
12th January, 2018
Why will Paul mockingly laugh at his girl crying over e phone in her despair & setback from work w his friend HY af… https://t.co/Ly0yayeyX0
12th January, 2018
Just because it's been a while since I last posted a picture 🙃 #throwbackthursday to #july2017https://t.co/x9FRRztIbQ
11th January, 2018 #july2017