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#somewhereinbenin An Hall 2 girl is holding her guy like this so she can get free shawarma for the night life… https://t.co/kChqpWADIP
16th March, 2018
This was supposed to be a pic of me filing for re-election to SC House District 89 🇺🇸🗽 Instead, it’s mostly anothe… https://t.co/lDlWqSOcIo
16th March, 2018
"A wonderful example to kids in the classroom that they can achieve whatever they may dream as long as they stay co… https://t.co/edNZ60PPWS
16th March, 2018
Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed The Boss Lady Turkey Burger Bowl at @deluxburgerbar in support of #1000Women!… https://t.co/YNb7beqYpN
13th March, 2018
It’s official! We’re on the #June12 ballot for Alexandria City Council! HUGE thanks to family, friends, supporters,… https://t.co/ugVsTaAjFj
12th March, 2018 #June12
Went and saw @Finessemitchell tonight at the comedy club. He was awesome! Just became an even bigger fan realizing… https://t.co/K3c6JxExYa
10th March, 2018
GPS Planning is in full swing here at Argus. Whose planning on attending this year? #GPS #globalpetroleumshowhttps://t.co/WXrweJAo4I
9th March, 2018 #GPS