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@chancetherapper can't wait to be blessed by your performance again 🙏🏼 Miami is waiting for ya! #june13
21st February, 2017 #june13
My guess is 15% before he's impeached, tried for treason, committed, or resigns on June 13, 2017 #june13 https://t.co/M0vAFuwnE1
18th February, 2017 #june13
Glad to see other DAs that are willing to bring sensible reforms to the criminal justice system! Let's make it happ… https://t.co/eqQo9MVRXY
17th February, 2017
Throws on John Legend, walks through the door of relaxation!! #june13 #darknessandlighttour
15th February, 2017 #june13
@chancetherapper IM SEEING YOU BOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭 #june13
15th February, 2017 #june13