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so stoked to be your wife in three months!!💕💍 #june16 @Kay Jewelers https://t.co/Repf2oM2gu
19th March, 2018 #june16
In 3 months from now I will be a WIFE and have a HUSBAND. Where does the time go!? I’m so excited #June16 👰🏻🤵🏼🥂🎊
17th March, 2018 #June16
Birthday exactly in 3 months, and I’ll be 25 I’m getting old 😩 #june16 #gemini
16th March, 2018 #june16, #gemini
And here's the announcement. . Making his in ring debut for this is wrestling #secondchance is a UK veteran one of… https://t.co/vzYz8lvanh
16th March, 2018
Yo I just noticed in @lildickytweets song “Lemme Freak” he starts off one of his verses with my birthday😂 #June16
16th March, 2018 #June16
Very excited for the line up that we have coming to the Vermont State @NSCA clinic! @scottcaulfield @KJCronihttps://t.co/rwJelYFmVq
13th March, 2018