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@SCAGO1 is proud to be a member of the @sicklecellca. As a united sickle cell Canada we made June 19 a reality in C… https://t.co/dW2tLhNIGh
22nd April, 2018
1 more month this a real nigga's birthdayyy🤘😜 #June19 💞
21st April, 2018 #June19
Why have I never known this holiday excited?? We celebrate Halloween and valentines time, why not something that ac… https://t.co/kTJzcFrM2N
19th April, 2018
Okay, why have I never heard of @InRealLife until today and why are Maddii and I already obsessed?😍 #June19
18th April, 2018 #June19
The wait feels so long until @Wentworth returns 😩😩😩I know it’ll be completely worth it!!!! #June19
15th April, 2018 #June19