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@DanaBashCNN @BrookeBCNN❤️was instructed to come to Illinois bringing her Bible & we go to my "Garden of Eden" & ci… https://t.co/V1pJI6PeO4
10th January, 2018
@DanaBashCNN cuz it makes me think about morning exercise & my @BrookeBCNN❤️heavenly/beautiful #blueeyes So Dana? d… https://t.co/aOxf34VQAU
10th January, 2018
@DanaBashCNN @BrooikeBCNN❤️& I TRULY answered my prayer 4 a non-political long term solution!! I mean Dana if I did… https://t.co/kJ8OHzpt2Q
10th January, 2018
@DanaBashCNN change a thing from what my @BrookeBCNN❤️has done starting in #June2015 when she did d "miracle of d o… https://t.co/RBtPJ7A4pu
10th January, 2018 #June2015