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Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour talks about the importance of a Jury's role in dispensing social justice. Arash Homamp… https://t.co/MdCOIhc2yU
21st June, 2018
Tricia Wang demystifies the pitfalls of #bigdata and how integrating data can help us avoid bad decisions and thriv… https://t.co/ZA2u9op6Wg
21st June, 2018
David Rudolf, Michael Peterson's defense attorney, talks #TheStaircase trial, the owl theory and much more.… https://t.co/UK56FHN7f4
21st June, 2018
The Supreme Court is okay with homophobic #jurors judging gay defendants… https://t.co/tdmbb2Nkbw #lgbtq #politics
21st June, 2018 #jurors
Trial Lawyer Arash Homampour reveals his approach to how to be successful in the court room. Arash Homampour On Jur… https://t.co/WEo8OLBYfb
21st June, 2018
News reports:Jon Goldberg could get a new trial depending on the outcome of a hearing into jury misconduct during h… https://t.co/Iq62vtarkD
20th June, 2018
Trial Attorney Arash Homampour talks about why he believes Jury Selection is the most important part of a trial. Ar… https://t.co/J4FVNvHE30
20th June, 2018
Questions remain on scope of Bruce McArthur Trial. It will be significant for any #Jury. @OurCommons JUST Committe… https://t.co/Yy8JQsKjsK
19th June, 2018
Think millennials are nightmare #jurors? This FL atty says no: "Millennials are a different breed and if you...have… https://t.co/tOjER7doAJ
19th June, 2018 #jurors