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@duty2warn @LouDobbs #LouDobbs is all over the place here crying up a typhoon of self-pity. If you listen carefully… https://t.co/M2zTT8D0PG
10th July, 2020
Still don't care about #humanlife, start written ticket's arresting people who don't wear a mask get on law enforce… https://t.co/pmNL5yVA1i
10th July, 2020
@realDonaldTrump #America be ready for trump to stock civil unrest in his next rally to create confusion and pity t… https://t.co/77q2CMffr4
10th July, 2020 #America
"Justice Department supports Roger Stone going to prison on Tuesday" https://t.co/YfEvOBhtjZ #RogerStonehttps://t.co/8eRg2QTXww
9th July, 2020