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Today marks 5 years since the release of the single “Heartbreaker 💔” by Justin Bieber, which landed a spot on the c… https://t.co/ZBODGYW8fF
7th October, 2018
😀🎉😻This Song Is Always My Fav I Also Want To Dance On This Song #whereareyounow Like u 😘💪 🙈🐯Tiggy💃 @iTIGERSHROFF ❤🙌… https://t.co/eLZC12eYJ8
7th October, 2018
@MariahCarey is the veteran with more monthly listeners on Spotify. A veterana com mais ouvintes no Spotify ❤️.… https://t.co/nv7grYvziW
7th October, 2018
Videoof Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in California (October 6)#JustinBieber #HaileyBaldwinhttps://t.co/vHE9Thxejf
7th October, 2018 #JustinBieber