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@scottse11ars Id of loved to hear your professional opinion on wolves defending against Derby Scott 😳 #kamikaze
16th November, 2016 #kamikaze
The #Kamikaze's Wallet Amid the tangled wreckage of a suicide attack on the USS Manila Bay in 1945,... https://t.co/wbd5Y9iIFY
15th November, 2016 #Kamikaze
#Kamikaze Act like you forgot¡ Pay me what you owe me¡ This is real life. Ain't no @AmericanIdol . https://t.co/G8yKKY8Udj
15th November, 2016 #Kamikaze
Lol fr its #Kamikaze gn tho it stay up like d interstate wit me YOUNG BOYY😊
15th November, 2016 #Kamikaze
#Kamikaze looks good back on the street!! Great driving!
15th November, 2016 #Kamikaze
If you ever wondered how recalled explosive devices are shipped — here's your chance to see. 👍🏻 for gloves #note7https://t.co/vI60o0KTwB
15th November, 2016