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Now playing on AJHH : #Kan a.k.a GAMI - Fuyajo feat. BREEZ (chop the onion Remix) https://t.co/8mD3ySNJRR https://t.co/RfwrnTQFdg
2nd August, 2016 #Kan
Roll Out Those LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY Days of Summer ~ Kansas City, Missouri USA #Landmark #Kanhttps://t.co/labT1oBieC https://t.co/0DH1E2FfX0
1st August, 2016 #Kan
SportingKC: "I've been given an opportunity, and I'm taking hold of it and making the most of it.” Saad_Abdul https://t.co/KqV0cXsMUT #Kan
31st July, 2016 #Kan
SportingKC: A great comeback victory for the SwopeRangers at they continue their climb up the USL standings 👊 https://t.co/19BkRjKFrd #Kan
31st July, 2016 #Kan