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I love you wannaone💜💜you guys got prize!!I am so proud of you guys💓💓love you #kang daniel #WANNAONE https://t.co/lfKMVXVXjW
24th January, 2018 #kang
...History is made by the deeds of the strong The brave And destiny is forged the historians the students the gray… https://t.co/qY2hHteQ10
24th January, 2018
In the main marvel universe in the comics 40% of all our future outcome will be apocalypse ruling The earth the oth… https://t.co/PGVkA8FmUO
23rd January, 2018
180123 Daily Culture Awards #wannaone #Kang Daniel Cr.Lunar planet Blonde hair really fits him💞💞 https://t.co/xA2kkkcKkX
23rd January, 2018 #Kang