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I'm online Dante Boykin John D Logan madden #kang 🤴🏾 what y'all gone do BBQ or meadow 😤
17th January, 2017 #kang
#MLK Football Sunday concludes w/ a #kang & & his homies at a good ole house party. https://t.co/uEIB3LQNhR
16th January, 2017 #kang
I won't forget my vow. By 11:59pm of the last day of December 2017; I WILL be @FreelanceWres champ. Don't believe me, just watch. #KANG
14th January, 2017 #KANG
Tonight at @FreelanceWres; @DarinCorbin wants to make a statement in our match, My only statement for him? #BoyStawp #KANG👑
13th January, 2017 #KANG